Portuguese Resident Permit


SEF Office in Portimao

On November 29th I arrived at the SEF Office in Portimao anxious, yet confident that I had everything that I needed to complete my application for a Portuguese Resident Permit.

I arrived earlier than my appointed time and received a number for the order in which I would be seen. The process was easier and less stressful than I had anticipated. I first met with a person who reviewed my file and handed many papers back to me that I did not need (I had decided to bring anything that they might ask for!).

He then took digital fingerprints of both index fingers and took a digital photo, similar to a passport photo. Next I placed a digital signature under my photo. He asked me to correct one item on my cover sheet and then to wait to be seen by the person who would finalize my permit. I spent about 10 minutes at this first desk.

After a 15 minute wait I was seated in front of a woman. She first scanned my paperwork. All of the paperwork that you bring in is returned to you. After clarifying a few items I was asked for the fee (as of this writing 159,70 Euros). The woman who was assisting me printed out a receipt and a one page temporary permit before telling me my Resident Permit card would arrive in the mail in about a week.

The entire process in SEF once my number was called took about one hour.

I walked out, smile on my face, and had a celebratory lunch while waiting for my bus to Praia da Luz.


Ham and Cheese Omelette, Fries and a Salad – 5 Euros!

A bus ride home and I was gazing at the cloudless sky and deep blue ocean in Praia da Luz.


View from Promenade – Praia da Luz


Coming soon – content list of packet for Resident Permit Application for retirees. The requirements vary some depending on the type of Resident status for which you are applying. I will also be posting information on various health insurance options. Having health insurance that covers you in Portugal is one of the requirements for any kind of Resident Permit.

Continuing to live the dream in Portugal….


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