Where Did the Last Month Go?

I do not know how a month has gone by since I last posted. I had a bout with a severe chest cold which laid me up for a while. However, mostly I have been reading, walking and spending time with family.

My grandson celebrated his 13th birthday in Colares, Portugal. Five days with my son and his family sped by with a birthday party, family card games, sushi dinner out in Malveira da Serra for my grandson’s birthday and hours of laughter and tears of nostalgia watching videos of my grandson from the ages of one to five. Included in the videos were videos of him at four years of age on his first visit to see me in Praia da Luz at Easter.

The weather continues to be sunny but has dropped in temperature and when the wind blows it is actually chilly! We had one stormy day which I especially loved as it is my favorite weather for a walk next to the ocean.

I am leaving for Madrid in a week to spend six days volunteering with the Vaughantown English Immersion program. More about that when I return.

And I haven’t forgotten that I owe my readers a list of the contents of my final packet for my SEF interview. I am meeting with an accountant next this month to make certain that I filed all of the necessary paperwork to be exempt from taxes in Portugal. I will let you know what I find out.

In the meantime, may your dreams be fulfilled. They can be, one step at at time.


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